International Scholarship

Application is invited to apply for National Chiao Tung University Scholarship in Taiwan 2023. 2023 fall semester NYCU International Students Scholarships are now OPEN for Application. This is a fully funded Taiwan scholarship for all around the world student.

NYCU International Students Scholarships for the 2023 fall semester (award period March 2023 – February 2024). Meeting the minimum grade requirement listed in the scholarship regulation is one of the requirements to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

National Chiao Tung University was a public research university in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Established in 1896 as Nanyang Public School by an imperial edict of the Guangxu Emperor, it was one of Taiwan’s leading universities.

Eligibility (Admission Requirements)

Students currently receiving government-funded scholarships are not eligible to apply. For example, current NYCU scholarship recipients whose award duration includes the 2023 fall semester, Taiwan Scholarships, ESP Scholarship, UST Scholarship, TIGP Scholarship, NSNT Scholarship, NYCU Elite Ph.D., a scholarship sponsored by the government of your home country…. etc.).

Students holding a working VISA/ARC are not eligible to apply. For students whose maximum award duration ends on August 2023, the award duration will be March 2023 – August 2023.

Undergraduate, Masters, And Doctoral Programs:

  • College of Humanities and Social Science
  • Faculty of System Engineering
  • College of Hakka Studies
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Science
  • College of Biological Science and Technology
  • College of Management
  • College of Computer Science
  • College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • College of Photonics
  • International College of Semiconductor Technology
  • College of Artificial Intelligence and Green Energy
  • School of Law
  • College of Management
  1. For a Full List of Undergraduate Programs: Check Here
  2. For a Full List of Masters and Ph.D. ProgramsCheck Here

Scholarship Coverage

The awards are divided into two categories, namely monthly stipend and tuition scholarship, as explained in the following points:

(1) Monthly stipend and tuition scholarships may be awarded separately or simultaneously.

(2) Stipends are given monthly. The awarded amounts are as follows:

  • Undergraduate students: NT$5,000–21,000/month
  • Master’s students: NT$7,000–25,000/month
  • Ph.D. students: NT$10,000–30,000/month

(3) Tuition scholarships are categorized as follows: (a) full waiving of tuition and credit fees and (b) fees charged according to rate local student rates. The reduction standard is determined by the Committee.

How To Apply

NCTU only accepts online applications, and please upload PDF files to the system. Make sure to submit your application before the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered!

Please check the system and your mail regularly to confirm your application status. If you are requested to resubmit any document, the email notice will be sent out from the system.

Official Documents Deadline:

  • 15 March 2023