International Scholarship

The University of Abu Dhabi is dedicated to empowering outstanding students and inspiring them to pursue their educational goals. The maximum coverage period of any scholarship is four years or, after graduation, whichever comes first.

There are 4 campuses at the University of Abu Dhabi. You can select any campus for a scholarship in Dubai. The scholarship application process begins after a student is formally admitted to ADU and is given a unique student identification number. This identification number is used to log in securely to a university account that has a financial aid section and scholarships.

Because the student’s information, including academic records, has already been processed by the university at the time of admission, all scholarships for which the student is eligible will appear on the account page. You can choose to complete the online application for any scholarship that appears here as you qualify for these UAE merit-based scholarships.

UAE Scholarship 2023 Criteria

All international students, as well as UAE residents, are eligible. The eligibility criteria are different and vary for all types of scholarships. You can check the criteria for each scholarship HERE.

Bachelor, Master & Doctoral

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Business
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Law
  • Academic Programs for Military Colleges

Types Of Scholarships At The University Of Abu Dhabi:

Details on each type of international scholarship are given below:

H H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed International Students

Amount: 100% tuition exemption, application fee, registration fee, student service fee, and medical care fee.

President’s Scholarship for International Students

Amount: 100% tuition exemption, registration fee, application fee, student service fee, and medical care fee.

University scholarships for the United Arab Emirates and GCC only

Amount: from 10% to 50% without charge. GCC COUNTRY CHECKLIST

Academic Scholarship for International Students

Amount: 20% exemption for student fees from the University of Abu Dhabi

Athletic Scholarship Abu Dhabi University

Amount: 25% exemption for student fees from the University of Abu Dhabi per academic year.

Alumni Scholarship Abu Dhabi University

Value: Students of the University of Abu Dhabi who wish to continue their postgraduate studies at any of the branches of the University of Abu Dhabi at the graduate level are entitled to a 20% tuition exemption.

Abu Dhabi University Merit-Based Scholarship

Applicants with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.5 (or equivalent) attending their graduate studies at the University of Abu Dhabi are eligible for a 25% tuition exemption.

How To Apply For Abu Dhabi University Scholarship

The application process is completely online. Apply online at the Abu Dhabi University Application Portal.

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