International Scholarship

Study English in the USA. By joining the student visa scholarship, Windsor University and UCEDA collaborate to support Windsor University students and friends who want to study English as a second language (ESL) in the USA.
Students can choose to study at 11 different locations in New Jersey(9), Connecticut(1), and Virginia(1).

If you Apply for the scholarship through Windsor University as a Windsor University Friend, you will get 7500$ worth of courses from Courser; check the following link.

The monthly fee of studying English at UCEDA costs about $480/month, but if you are enrolled at Windsor University as a student, you will get a 25% discount each month, check the following link. So you will pay only $360/month, no more! In addition to that, you will 7500$ worth of courses from Windsor University and Coursera initiative free for a limited number of students.

Suppose you are not interested in joining Windsor University as a student. In that case, you can become a Windsor University friend or supporter; check the following link, and you will get a 15% discount each month.

Apply to the F1 student visa or change of status through this button